Meeting Your Expectations

  1.  Discovery
    1. Moving your life savings can be an overwhelming decision. We know you are placing a great amount of trust in us by giving us the opportunity to help you. We want to make certain the process is comfortable and straightforward for you.
    2. In our first conversation, we will get to know you personally to understand your life—your retirement goals, aspirations, living expenses, savings and any other financial obligations.
  1.  Top Desires
    1. We will ask you about personal factors such as your health and hobbies, and if you have any particular dreams or desires for your own future and/or for legacy planning. We will help you determine what you want to achieve as a final result of your planning in the years to come.
  2.  Analysis
    1. Using the information you have provided, we will review the findings and create for you an “Investment Policy Statement”. The Investment Policy Statement will outline the resources you currently have, those you commit to adding, and what you have stated is your desire as a result of our conversations. This will be our road map in creating your “Plan”.
  3.  Build a Plan
    1. With a thorough understanding of your personal situation, and the policy statement as our road map, we will help you create a “Plan” to assure your success. The plan will dictate how your hard earned money will be invested to achieve your goals and make your Plan come true.
  1.  Investment Selection
    1. We will take an in depth look at what you are currently invested in and help you make a determination what can be incorporated into your private portfolio. We then can begin tailoring an investment strategy just for you. Through the investment selection process, we will identify each investment that is best suited to help you achieve the best results in completing your plan. We will then provide a portfolio recommendation tailored to your needs. You’ll learn exactly how we plan to invest and manage your hard-earned money and how your plan provides the income you and your family will need. Only when we know you are comfortable with your Private Portfolio will we move forward with implementing your Plan and Portfolio.
  1.  Review Annually
    1. We will create a “Pathway” to refer to over the following years to monitor your progress in achieving your goals and desires. We will consult your pathway with you each year to make certain you are on track, answer any questions you may have, and change the plan and/or investments as necessary to make certain you remain on track to achieve your goals.