Financial Planning

Our clients’ plans are called Pathways. Pathways are built with your complete financial picture in mind and are updated annually. a good plan is what keeps you on track to achieve your goals.


Portfolio management

We build personalized portfolios to match your plan. We take an active disciplined approach in managing portfolios. We are always focused on your long-term goals.


Professional Relationships

FAS has relationships with professionals and firms in specialized areas of expertise including estate planning, legal, tax accounting, and real estate.

It’s Your Future

Your financial future is important … and personal. We understand that you may need some help, and that is why we’re here. We help you and your family by getting to know you, your hopes, dreams and desires. Then we help you assess your unique situations, plan for the long term and invest to meet your goals.

We do not use a cookie cutter approach to build your investment portfolio through mutual funds. We believe you deserve a portfolio that is as unique as your personal situation. Therefore, we take the time to create an investment plan that is as unique as you and your personal needs. A plan that helps you gain confidence that you will achieve your long-term goals.

We can also help you with estate and tax planning and strategies for when to start taking your Social Security.

Our focus is always on you and what you want to achieve financially. We are on your side as we get to know you, help you design and implement your plan and help you adjust your strategy as your situation changes.

* Fencl Advisory Services is not an attorney or accountant and recommend consulting with your legal and tax professional before implementing any strategies.

Your Fiduciary

As a Fiduciary, we have our clients’ best interest at heart. We can help you understand the value we provide, and what it means to have a fiduciary acting on your behalf.


A Rising Income Stream

We will help you understand exactly where your hard-earned wealth is invested. You will know exactly what you own and why. We will help you understand how long you need your accumulated wealth to provide an increasing income stream and how fast that income stream needs to grow to maintain your standard of living.

Knowing that you may need to take income from your investments after you stop receiving a regular paycheck, we help you figure out how to get that income without depleting your wealth.